Broad-based communications company serving business customers worldwide.


With GeoStar Communications, you’re connecting to the power of a Worldwide Intelligent Network.

You’ll also receive the dedicated customer service that GeoStar Communications is known for: Providing competitive rates and a suite of essential services, including Hosted PBX, video conferencing, Desktop as a Service (DAAS), managed internet and private line service. GeoStar Communications delivers the services your business needs and the quality you deserve.



In one word, our promise is reliability — and to manage all of your business communications from anywhere, anytime with GeoStar Communications’s voice, video and data technologies.


To get the latest proven technology into your hands now — and make sure it’s simple and easy to use.

I would like to drop a message to you and say “Thank you for your great service.”

Just like people often say, you won’t know the value of the things you have until you don’t. I used to think (to tell you the truth) that Geostar’s service didn’t always meet my expectations.

BUT, after dealing with AT&T for the past 6 months I now really see the value that you and Geostar added while I was with AG.

Again, Thank you for your great service.
— Will N.


GeoStar Delivers:

Accessibility: We operate across the world with pricing that caters to all businesses.

Flexible solutions designed just for your organization: GeoStar Communications offers a completely customized solution based on your business needs.

Reliability, backed by a strong, fully owned and operated technology infrastructure: Our fully managed, redundant IP system has 99.9% availability and built-in disaster recovery.

A full spectrum of voice, network and data services, including:

  • Managed services

  • Free HD voice, state-of-the-art IP phones

  • Low-cost domestic and international rates

  • Multi-party conference calls

  • Ability to answer calls on your favorite device (find me follow me)

  • Connection to your offices and employees from remote locations

  • Free administrator portal and user portals

  • Ability to port-in existing numbers

  • Ease of installation with little or no technical experience required